• the Beast

    As wild and dark as its name depicts, this ride will have you screaming with terror from before you even get strapped in. The Beast is one of the Carolina’s most extreme pendulum rides. With one menacing pendulum arm, you’ll be swung 120° in either direction, reaching heights of over 125 feet, all while flying 55 mph/hr in a seat that spins you 360°. (52” min required)

  • the Wave Swinger

    A memorable ride that you and your family can enjoy together, the Wave Swinger is a classic swing ride that delivers a mellow — yet incredibly exhilarating experience, as you glide through the air in swings suspended 30 feet above the ground. Enjoy breathtaking views of the park and wave to those below, but make sure to still hold on tight! (42” min required)

  • the Moonraker 20

    The Moonraker 20 is a unique attraction in which riders sit on a big spinning platform that rises into the air. While spinning, the gondola starts lifting the platform to an approximate 90 degree incline. The gondola can reach high speeds while rotating both clockwise and anticlockwise allowing riders an intense overall experience!! This ride has 20 seats and will hold 20 riders. (47” min required)

  • the Rock & Roll Express

    The Rock & Roll Express is a new exciting ride that is consist of a circular track with two dips and two hills. Riders are locked into place inside a two-person cabin and then whipped up and down by centrifugal forces that recreate the feeling of spiraling down the mountain slope. This ride contains 20 cars and each car will hold 2 riders. (44” min required)

  • the Riptydz Slide

    Zoom down the slopes of the “Riptydz Slide”, the largest dryside on the east coast. Our Riptydz Slide stands a whooping 80 ft. tall and takes riders down a speedy 200 ft. long journey with the help of a slide matt. The Riptydz Slide delivers riders young and old with good ol’ fashion good times. (44” min required)

  • the Speed XXL

    X-citing, X-hilarating, and L-oaded with thrills, this is the Speed XXL. Riders who dare…are spun around at speeds of over 50 mph and at heights of 130ft – all the while their seats are rotating which give this ride everything any true thrill seeker would ever wish for! (55” min required)

  • the Cliff Hanger

    Ever wanted to experience hang gliding but never had the opportunity? The Cliff Hanger features three passenger vehicles in which riders lie in. After being safely strapped in, the ride begins to turn. When the ride reaches full speed, it lifts into the air flying you at an angle, safely gliding through the air. (42” min required)

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