• the Broadway 360 Wheel

    Go up, up, and away on the Broadway 360 observation wheel to experience the beauty of the Grand Strand from a height of over 150-feet. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful ride in a gondola as you rise high above it all. The wheel stands 156 feet with 36 gondolas. Each gondola holds up to six people and over one million multicolor lights synchronized with music. (36″ min required)

  • the Super Happy Swing

    The Super Happy Swing (Zamperla) is a simple but fun swing ride that can be enjoyed by children and their parents. It is a large swing that provides exciting acceleration and more air time at the top of each swing. The ride holds up to 16 riders – distributed in two rows – which includes a maximum of 4 adults. (31” -73” max )

  • the Scrambler

    On this classic amusement park ride, you’ll spin around this way and that, never seeing the same thing twice. In fact, you won’t know quite what you’re looking at as you rotate clockwise and counterclockwise at the exact same time. The only thing that will make sense is the urge to hold on tight while the ride swirls into a rainbow around you.(36” min required)

  • the Mini Tea Cups

    The Mini Tea Cup is a new model of the ever-popular Tea Cup ride. The Mini Tea Cup has six tea cups with the tea pot as the centerpiece. Each tea cup incorporates a steering wheel to allow riders to spin at their own pace making for a wild, dizzying, fun-filled ride experience. Each cup will hold 4 riders (2 adults and 2 children). (36” min required)

  • the Samba Balloons

    The Samba Balloon ride is a perfect family attraction. The ride contains eight balloon gondolas that are brightly outfitted with colorful spinning tubs and flashing lights on the balloons and centerpiece. Each gondola will hold 4 riders. (36” min required)

  • the Rio Grande Train

    Children can take an old west style ride on the tracks of our Rio Grande train ride. Kids navigate the terrain on the seats of our train all the while ringing the classic train bell before returning back to the station. Feel the lead engine’s pull, hear the train’s whistle, and enjoy all of it with your entire family, as there’s plenty of room onboard. (36” min required)

  • the Myrtle Turtles

    A family coaster unlike most that have been seen before, the Myrtle Turtle features a figure eight track design and four cars that spin in circles while they navigate the bi-level track. The Myrtle Turtles are Perfect for teens and children alike. (38” min required)

  • the Monster Trucks

    The kids get double the ride pleasure with the MONSTER TRUCK. As the center rotates, turning the six monster 4 x 4 trucks wheelies and car crushing excitement waits for every kid. The kids love the feel of driving their very own monster truck just like the big boys. 6 wheelie popping, car crushing trucks and a great monster truck sound for every midway. (36” min required)

  • the Speedway

    Ladies and Gentlemen – start your engines! This whip style ride is extremely exciting and appeals to the whole family. The beautifully decorated two-seater race cars run over a flashy oval track with an exciting whip action for an extremely fun family time. (36” min required)

  • the Merry Go Round

    Take a spin on our classically designed carousel that features beautifully hand-painted Bradley and Kaye horses as well as benches. Guests of all ages will experience pure delight as they go around and around on this timeless ride.
    (42” min required)

  • the Drop Tower

    Experience the excitment of weightlessness as you twist around, turn up & back down 65 feet of fun!. Take a moment to catch the 360 degree views of Broadway at the Beach & Myrtle Beach before you fall back to reality. (42” min required)

Kid Approved & Tested!

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